Reid Fleshman will be traveling to Haiti on October 3rd to stay at Destiny Village Orphanage and will stay through the beginning of December.  He has raised money to plant fruit trees for shade and fruit, begin a compost pile and start a garden plot.  To grow in Haiti will require the orphanage to haul in topsoil, buy established trees, seeds, and yard equipment.   Due to excessive logging and extreme erosion of the topsoil, the Haitian soil is very poor.  Reid is hoping to help provide nutritious, uncontaminated, cost-effective food for the children.  The orphans will assist him in the development of this garden and will hopefully learn valuable agricultural skills to aid them in their future in Haiti.  All of the donations will go directly to the agricultural needs of the orphanage; none of it will be lost to administration costs.  Please visit his blog centering on Destiny Village; Reid will be updating it as often as he can:


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