The relief team rendezvoused in Miami in preparation for tomorrow’s flight to Port-au-Prince. A U-haul of medical supplies, shoes, tents, tarps etc… was driven down from Tampa through a torrent down pour of rain and gusty winds. Two other vehicles were part of the caravan. Other team members arrived in Miami by air through out the day.

Two generators were purchased for the Mayor’s clinic by a very generous team member today.  The mayor’s generator went down several days ago and he is in desperate need of a replacement. Because of the immense demand for generators in Haiti, he has been unable to secure one in country.  Tomorrow morning the last minute supplies will be purchased before the afternoon departure.

Upon arrival in Haiti tomorrow afternoon, the team will quickly unload the supplies from the aircraft and transport them to several awaiting trucks. The team will head immediately for the mayor’s compound to set up camp and a tent clinic. The mayor has determined that his buildings are at risk of possible collapse and therefore unsafe.  The medical professionals on the team will begin treating patients as soon as possible. Other team members will assist them as needed and begin distributing supplies to the many Haitian people who have been camped out on the mayor’s yard since the quake on January 12th.  The remaining days will be spent at various locations  determined by the mayor to be in the most need, distributing supplies and and having tent clinics.  All team members are anxious to begin this  endeavor.

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